Imagine doing something you love – gardening, painting, walking around the neighborhood – and then suddenly you feel a little zing of pain in your hands, shoulders or legs. You work through it, but as the days go by, you are not feeling like your normal self. 

Your first thought is to call and schedule your appointment with your primary doctor, and he may recommend trying physical therapy. You have the option to choose where you would like to receive physical therapy, and that is when you can confidently know that Dynamix is the place to go.


But why choose Dynamix as your physical therapy provider? Because of the elite care you will receive and the excellent customer service experience you will have from your first appointment to your final day at therapy.

Being in pain is not fun, and the thought of doing physical therapy may not be one that gets people excited. But once you experience physical therapy with any Dynamix clinician, you might find yourself enjoying physical therapy because of the fellowship that is established between therapist and patient. That is what Dynamix is built from: relationships within the communities where they serve.  

How did Dynamix get started? Russ Huffstetler of Greenfield, Tenn., and Heath Ladd of Newbern, Tenn., reconnected after being in the physical therapy industry for several years and had the common goal of bringing a more elite, specialized, hands-on approach to physical therapy to West Tennessee. After months of brainstorming, writing a mission statement and discussing the core values that would set the tone of the company, the duo opened the first Dynamix clinic in Milan, Tenn., in 2009. 

Now with 12 clinics, Dynamix has grown from just serving the community of Milan to serving the communities all over West Tennessee. Access to this elite physical therapy clinic has never been easier, especially since the clinics are serving rural communities. 

All Dynamix clinics offer specialized, hands-on manual therapy unique to the region, advanced dry needling, work conditioning and sports rehabilitation. Each therapist has gone through the same immersive training program to ensure the best quality care no matter which location you choose to visit. 

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Dynamix Physical Therapy in Covington is located at 973 Highway 51 North, Suite 12. You can call and schedule a free injury assessment or appointment at 901-617-0100. 

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.