Jordan Ross received a call to represent the US in the World Driving Championship in August. He becomes the first African-American competitor for the country. 

“At first it was shocking,” Ross stated when reflecting on the moment he heard the news, “just kind of like a day-by-day, it’s been exciting like I’ve been very hyped about it and very excited to go over there and see how they race.” 


Ross, 25, is a 2016 graduate from Covington High and his career began at the age of four in his grandfather’s horse stalls, learning to take care and train horses. 

“Just learning the basic steps,” Ross added. 

He started racing competitively in high school and improved every year leading up to the massive honor of representing America. 

He currently resides in Indiana where he trains vigorously for the upcoming races held in different parts of Europe such as Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This will be his first time on a flight. 

“I’ve never been on an airplane, so that part will be interesting.” Ross said with a smile. 

The horse-rider is focused on winning the championship, but he looks forward to experience flying and seeing a side of the world he has never seen before. 

“Of course we want to win. It’ll be very nice to win the race, but just to go over there and just get the experience, just to travel and see apart of the world I’ve never seen.”

David Perry
Author: David Perry