Tonight, First Presbyterian Church in Covington will be hosting a community prayer for justice, peace and revival.

The Rev. Dr. Scott Sealy filmed a video from the steps of the church invited the public to attend the event.

“This book I’m holding isn’t a toy, it’s not a prop,” he said. “It is the word of God and sharper than any two-edged sword able to pierce our very hearts. It’s written so that we may have life in Jesus Christ. It’s written to convict us and behoove us and train us for righteousness.”


Sealy quoted from Psalm 10:12-18 before continuing with his invitation.

“The building behind me isn’t a prop. The building behind me is a place for God’s people to meet and hear His word, to receive His sacraments and to pray,” he said. “We hope it’ll be a community to come together and lift our burdens to a king of perfect justice, a perfect peace, who hears us and who is able to do all things.”

Sealy said anyone is invited to attended, whether or not they attend this or any church.

“If your heart is angry, if your heart is weary, if you’re afraid, if you’re anxious … we hope that we can come together and we’re not gonna preach, we’re not taking up an offering, we’re not doing anything but pouring out our hearts to a God who hears us and loves us.”

The event will take place inside the sanctuary. To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Sealy said the church has been disinfected and people who wish to attend are encouraged to wear masks and spread out.

“If there are too many people for us to spread out safely, we’re gonna come outside and we’re just gonna pray together. We’re going to come together as a community of different beliefs but have in common one God who made us and pray to Him.”

The church’s address is 403 S. Main Street in Covington. The event begins at 7 p.m.