Through social media you occasionally see photos and videos of couples who’ve overdosed with their children in their car and the same thing happened in Covington last Friday.

Though no video or photos were published online, two adults from Drummonds were passed out in the Dollar General parking lot on Valentine’s Day with a toddler and an infant their car.


A witness on the scene told police Lindsey Everett and Matthew Everett, both 29, were parked for approximately 45 minutes. Both were found slumped over in the front seats of the GMC Yukon.

According to the police report, the two-year-old, wearing a diaper, was unrestrained in the back seat and the 7-month-old had a bottle propped in his mouth by a blanket.

Matthew told police he’d only taken three hydrocodone pills. Five more were found in his pocket and 22 in a cigarette case in a cup holder. Police also found a rolled up dollar bill with powder residue on it in the cup holder.

Lindsey, who could not keep her balance while talking to them, told police she’d only taken her prescriptions and a Xanax. When being booked into the jail, nine Oxycodone pills were found in her bra.

Police also reportedly found $600 in Matthew’s boot and $13,707 in Lindsey’s purse.

The children’s grandmother picked them up from the scene and the Department of Children’s Services was called.

Matthew and Lindsey were charged with child abuse/neglect and possession of a schedule II substance. Lindsey was also charged with introducing contraband into the jail.

Both were released on Saturday morning and will face charges in Tipton County General Sessions Court.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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