Nearly 100 people were indicted last week during the July 2020 term of the Tipton County Grand Jury. On Monday, those indicted were arraigned in court.

There were several individuals indicted for murders and attempted murders.

Reginald Marques Holmes and Kylan Darrell Peete were charged with attempted first-degree murder, felony reckless endangerment and two counts of vandalism after reportedly shooting Tevin Adams in the leg at the C-Town Market in Covington in August 2020.


According to police, video surveillance shows Peete and Holmes were parked at the convenience store, pulled out of their parking space and went to the pump where Adams was pumping gas. They shot at him and Adams returned fire. Police later recovered 40 spent casings matching the bullet that shot Adams from North Main Street, adjacent to the parking lot, and one spent casing from Adams’s gun.

Holmes will be represented by Blake Ballin and Peete by John Perry. They are scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 29.

Joseph Heath Huggins was charged with felony possession of a weapon, tampering with evidence and two counts of second-degree murder because he dropped a woman in a Dollar General parking lot after she’d overdosed on drugs.

On March 3, Haley High was found dead in the parking lot at the store located at Hwy. 14 and Atoka-Idaville Road. Recently released from prison for contributing to her son’s father’s overdose death, High was staying with Huggins and his father. Court records show High told her uncle Huggins had bought heroin and they’d been using for several days. She also told him Huggins had her money and wouldn’t give it back and she had nowhere else to go. When she overdosed, but was still alive, Huggins’s father told him to take High to the hospital. They loaded her up, then Huggins left her at the store before returning to his home to destroy her drivers license and flush the heroin.

He is being represented by Frank Deslauriers with the public defender’s office and is set for trial on Nov. 29. Huggins is currently in custody.

Caprice Lashon Peete and Terrance Sharell Taylor Jr. were indicted for the murder of Dontavious Edwards on Dec. 27, 2020. Court documents show a woman drove the pair and their “big black guns” to Wooten Street that day. Peete and Edwards got into a physical fight, and Peete had a gun in his hand during the incident. Edwards was shot and later died at the Regional Medical Center.

Both Peete and Taylor fled and were sought by the Covington Police Department, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the US Marshals. Peete was arrested in Alabama on Jan. 3 and Taylor surrendered to police on Jan. 26. Taylor, who is represented by attorney Michael Scholl, is still in custody and Peete, who is represented by the Massey McClusky firm, has reportedly moved to Nashville. They are scheduled to go to trial on Dec. 8.


The Leader maintains those indicted are innocent unless proven guilty in Tipton County Circuit Court.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.