Nearly 100 people were indicted last week during the July 2020 term of the Tipton County Grand Jury. On Monday, those indicted were arraigned in court.

Two employees from the West Tennessee Detention Facility in Mason were indicted for bringing drugs into the prison.

On Nov. 24, 2020, Marquelle P. Curne, of Millington, couldn’t clear the checkpoint at the correctional facility. He was reportedly seen throwing something in front of a nearby umbrella holder and, when it was retrieved, his co-workers found 20 packages of Crest whitening strips, 13 packages of Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) sublingual film, which is a combination drug used to help suppress the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. In his right wristband Curne had 10 sheets of white legal-sized paper with a sticky substance which Mason police later identified as K2 Spice, a synthetic cannabinoid. He was charged with possession of schedule III with intent, possession of schedule I with intent and bringing contraband into a penal facility. He is being represented by Paul Prather and is scheduled for trial on Nov. 10.


Like Curne, Alice Jeanetta Neloms could not pass the checkpoint. On Jan. 1, it was discovered she had 121 Suboxone strips wrapped in cellphone and duct tape which told investigators she planned to give an inmate. She was charged with possession of a schedule III drug with intent to delivery and bringing contraband into the prison. She is being represented by Barney Witherington and is set for trial on Dec. 6.

Amber Brittany Jackett was also indicted on drug charges. Court records show on May 5, 2020, she was using Xanax with her elementary-age child in the home. Police reportedly found methamphetamine in the bathroom and pizza boxes with roaches crawling all over them in another part of the home. Jackett told police the drugs belonged to a friend. The child’s follicle test came back positive for methamphetamine and THC metabolites. Jackett told police the cartel was after her. She was charged with simple possession of methamphetamine and aggravated child endangerment (because the child was under 8). She did not appear in court.

There were dozens more indictments for cases involving drug possession and paraphernalia. For specific questions, contact the Tipton County Circuit Court clerks at 901-475-3320.

The Leader maintains those indicted are innocent unless proven guilty in Tipton County Circuit Court.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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