Athanasia LewisOn Tuesday, Atoka’s town administrator Athanasia Lewis resigned from the position she’s held for a little more than a year.

“She’s been looking for other jobs and there’s a possibility she has one,” said mayor Daryl Walker. “She’s also going to put more time into her family.”

Her last official day is set for Wednesday, Nov. 1. Walker said Lewis will help tie up some loose ends and use some vacation time before her departure from the Town of Atoka.


From there, Walker, who recently retired from the Tipton County Board of Education, will take the reigns until a new administrator is hired.

“We’re going to put out applications all over the region, and the state, and we’ll pick from those applications with the procedure and the process that we have. Of course they have to be qualified, they have to have an education in town administration.”

Walker said they’d take their time to make the best choice for the town.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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