The Tipton County Legislature passed a $152.9 million 2022-23 budget Monday night that includes raises for county employees, money for a new animal control facility and the same property tax rate as last year.

Law enforcement employees with the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office are receiving a $4,000 raise, which will be between eight and 11 percent, depending on the employee’s current salary. Other employees at the sheriff’s office, and most other county employees, are receiving a six percent raise.

There is $2 million in the budget for the design and construction of a new animal control facility. County Executive Jeff Huffman said exactly when ground breaks is to be determined, but the design phase will begin immediately.


“A lot of folks are going to be excited about that,” Huffman said. “It (the current facility) is not the kind of facility we need now with the growing population we have and the number of animals we have. It will be a lot more modern and a lot more up to date than what we have now.”

Just like last year, the property tax rate will be $2.04. it breaks down like this: general – $1.00, general purpose school – $.76, debt service – $.09, highway/public works – $.09, solid waste/sanitation – $.05 and general capital projects – $.05.

“A lot of hard decisions were made,” budget director W.T. Bailey said. “There were a lot of discussions and a lot of hard work.”

Jeff Ireland
Author: Jeff Ireland