Editor’s note: Due to a print error our correspondence columns were inadvertently omitted from this week’s print issue. 

By Elaine Watkins

It’s a coolish Monday afternoon and we had a great weekend!


Last night the Robinsons, Craig, Teri and Eason and the Howards, Michael, Leslie and Garrett came over after church for Brian’s BBQ, plus beans, tater salad and slaw, sugar-free apple pie and really sweet strawberry cake. We had so much fun talking and laughing and the two boys played outside most of the time. Great night!

This week’s farm report:  More soybeans planted and corn sprayed till it rained 2.29 inches on Friday, with lots of thunder and lightning. Back in the field today, spraying. Rain forecasted this week so the last two soybean fields might have to wait till it dries up – again. We got 6.77 inches in May.

Oh, James says “thanks” to Brad Templeton for sending his guy over to pull him out of the mud recently!

We got a new bathroom floor put down thanks to Mo Eubanks and crew. Looks just like wood but it’s vinyl. Beautiful!

We were busy washing the “green stuff” off the playhouse, porch rails and gutters Saturday with some stuff from Walmart, “30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner” that just melts it off – easy peasy! Raked leaves and James carried them off. Then I decorated the little playhouse for Memorial Day and hung the flag up on the porch. Lots of pots filled on the porch and deck and I’m set for summer and watering!

Having company over that’s never been to your house puts you to work!

On our prayer list at the Covington Church of Christ are Shirley Laxton, Faye Shankle, Rusty Cartwright, Hope Collins, Betty Ware, Brian Eppich and so many friends and relatives of our members and all of our servicemen and women, nurses and patients. And our country! God bless the USA!

My sincere sympathy goes to the Alexander and Upchurch families in the death of Mary Upchurch Alexander last week. She fell climbing the attic ladder and hit her head. Had a brain bleed and I don’t know if she ever woke up. Her funeral will be Wednesday in Centerville. They are in our prayers. I’ve missed Mary ever since she moved to Missouri with her new husband, Jack, after Randy died.

Our Summer Series starts this Wednesday and VBS on the 6th at 7 nightly. Join us!

Happy birthday this week goes to Rosie Barnes on May 31, to Amy Garner on June 1 and to Lena Carter on the 4th!

Happy anniversary to Myles and Lauren Benjamin on May 30 and to David and Heather Keith on June 2nd!

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Bonnie Strain on May 31!

The following is the part of my column last week that was not on Page B8:

Happy birthday this week goes to Morgan Smith on May 23, to John Combs, Nick Maness and Clint Stacks on the 25th, to Christina Evins on the 27th, to Jeanne Slone on the 28th and to Karla Combs and LaDonna Nance on the 29th!

Happy anniversary to Neil and Ashley Bringle on May 28!

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Kathy Eide and Aubrey Williams on May 25 and to Lauren Stafford on the 28th!

This week’s Farmers Almanac quote: “Due to emerge from the ground this year in 15 states, Brood X, aka the Great Eastern Brood, is the largest group of 17-year locusts.”

I used to pull their shells off the trees and put them in a cigar box. I was a weird child!

Thanks to all who asked about my column last week!

Until next week . . .

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.