When he first started shooting weddings, photographer SaDabrie Taylor was surprised by the close relationships between the brides and their fathers.

The fathers’ reactions to their daughters is one of the things he enjoys capturing.


“I’ve seen it in movies, but to actually see a father cry when he sees his daughter for the first time … that’s something that really surprised me.”

Born and raised in Covington, and a member of Covington High School’s Class of 2007, Taylor’s journey to becoming one of the most promising rising stars in wedding photography began in 2013 with videography.

“In 2017 I started doing it professionally, then in 2018 I went into the photography area … and I fell in love with it.”

Since then he has honed his craft and expertly makes connections with his subjects, so much so that their expressions are clearly understood as genuine, and not for show, when observed.

SaDabrie Taylor, a native of Covington, is an Atoka-based wedding and portrait photographer.

It’s not an easy thing to do and it’s not something Taylor takes lightly.

When he shows up to shoot a wedding he isn’t there to just snap photos for albums.

“I’m there to capture the day,” he said, reiterating his motto. “I’m here to capture your love, laughter and happily ever after.”

He didn’t hesitate when asked about his favorite part of the weddings he shoots.

“The kiss! Every time I post a picture of the kiss and the ceremony it gets so much love on social media. There have even been times when the groom or the bride will be too shy to kiss in front of everybody. I ask them to redo it … and the crowd gets a laugh out of it. They’ll kiss, then they’ll come down the aisle walking. It’s successful.”

The bouquet toss is also a fun tradition he loves photographing.

“The women are more energetic than the men when the men throw the garter,” he said. “I’ve had bridesmaids and family just falling out trying to catch the bouquet …”

Taylor also likes to interact with the bride, groom and their guests for the best results. The photos are better that way and so is the business.

“When I’m at the wedding I kind of become family,” he said. “After the wedding I probably book clients just based on how I interact with everyone. That’s what makes me stand out.”

Taylor is passionate about capturing big moments and small moments and understands sometimes that’s what’s left after loved ones have died.

His parents, Bruce Moore and Jacklyn Moore, passed away in 2019 and 2020, but he’s comforted in knowing they were able to see some of his biggest moments, like living his dreams.

“Before they passed they got to see me at work doing photography. I got married in 2017; they both were there and they saw some of my special moments.”

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Taylor wants to help preserve your memories, like your interactions with family members. Even the ones you don’t realize he’s noticed.

He loves the look on his clients’ faces when the see their photos.

“Seeing the clients’ reaction afterwards with what they receive and me catching the special moments that they didn’t know I captured.”

Taylor is based in Atoka where he and his wife, Katrena, are raising their children, Gabriella, Carlos and Zaylen.

To book him, visit https://www.facebook.com/sadabrietaylorphotography.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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