In his search for a college to pursue his track career, Wade Walters only had one school in mind. With no pun intended, Walters chose to head east to Morrison, Tennessee to attend Walter State Community College this fall.

“It kind of came out the blue,” Walters said about his recruiting process, “I always knew that I wanted to run but I didn’t know where.”

“It’s a really nice school, I been there, I visited the campus. It’s a beautiful place and I’m really excited to go to work there,” he added.


He’s been running competitively since he was seven with the Tipton County Chiefs and has been under the wing of Head Coach Bernard Ivie since he took over the team.

“Wade Walters started practicing with me when he was four years old,” Ivie explained, “In the first track practice we ever had, he was there.”

Walters’ work ethics is what Ivie stated about as the signee is a student that he never had to worry about slacking.

“He has one gear,” Ivie said, “Even when he’s hurt, he has one gear.”

“He’s never stopped training,” he continued, “He is the hardest working kid I ever had at Munford High School. Far to none.”

Now a collegiate athlete, Walters has one goal before he graduates: a state title.

“Just use my head, use my legs, slug it out and finish it through,” Walters said.

David Perry
Author: David Perry