Versatility is an attractive factor that fans love to see with athletes. Being able to score at will and defend opponents to the fewest points possible is what a coach wants to see.

Take Jefferson Travis for example, who signed a soccer scholarship to Cumberland University, that plays a defensive role in club ball and an offensive threat on his school team. He is the leading scorer for the Munford Cougars this season.

“That’s what I started playing when I was younger,” Travis said about playing offense. “Just played up top. I guess I love scoring.”


Hard work developed him into a collegiate-caliber athlete, but sacrifice had to be made in order to pencil his name on the letter.

“Yeah, it paid off,” the soccer standout said. “I put in a lot of hours, a lot of work. I was gone many weekends, tournament stuff, practicing on my own, practicing with the team. It paid off, though. Got an offer.”

Head Coach Jarrod Magan only coached Travis one year, but has known him for a long time since he played alongside Cooper, his son, for many years.

“Jefferson is the kind of player that pushes the tempo, so when the ball is at his feet, obviously he’s very skilled, ball is at his feet, he’s going to push the tempo. He’s going to dribble it speed at a defender, and he’s going to make a decision on if he can put a skill move on get passed a defender, or if he’s going to make a good pass and run in behind to receive the ball.”

Even in coaching changes throughout his high school career, Travis managed to adapt to any style that is laid out and dominate on the field.

“Anytime there’s a coaching change, certainly, you don’t know how that coach can come in with their style of plans,” Magan stated. “You don’t know if they’re going to be more of an attack-mind or more defensive and we parked a bus and tried to counter. You’re not really sure how it’s going to go and whether it’ll fit your particular skill set.”

“I will say part of what’s been good here is I did assist coach Stan (Jamscek) last year, so I’m now moved into the head coach spot, so there’s obviously some familiarity in that kind of perspective that we share similar types of approaches to the game.” He added.

David Perry
Author: David Perry