Munford High School wrestling coach David Cline typically sends e-mails out to various colleges in advance of the season to let them know which of his wrestlers are interested in, and capable of, wrestling at the next level.

He did so again before the 2021-22 season, but it really wasn’t necessary in the case of Wemawamungu Moktani, who goes by “Mo.”

“I really didn’t have to with Mo,” Cline said. “The Ozarks seemed to be interested from the jump. They came to watch the boys all year long.”


The Ozarks Cline mentioned is University of the Ozarks, a private Christian college in Point Lookout, Mo. Mo signed a wrestling scholarship with the school earlier this month.

“I like that school,” Cline said. “It’s a great school and has a great coaching staff. I don’t have any doubt that Mo is going to succeed there.”

Moktani wrapped up the best career a Munford High wrestler has ever had with a state title last February, the first ever by a Munford High student. He was the state’s top-ranked wrestler at 132 pounds all season. The year before that he finished fourth at state.

The progression of the Munford High wrestling program has been dramatic. When Cline was hired to lead the program six years ago, it had been nearly 20 years since a Munford student had medaled at state. Over the last six seasons several wrestlers have made it to state and two have medaled, including Keegan Schulz in 2019.

Munford qualified for the state dual meet this year for the first time in 25 years. Mo was a big part of it all and he was rewarded for its with a scholarship.

“I visited there and I really liked it. My cousin has been there for his entire four-year college career. It just feels really comfortable. I considered some other places, but Ozarks offered the most so that’s where I decided to go.”

Jeff Ireland
Author: Jeff Ireland