Cameron Agee’s football career didn’t start off the best. In the sixth grade, a shoulder injury led to a season-ender.

In eighth grade, he tweaked his foot was out the rest of that year.

Injuries piled up until his junior year of high school when he was healthy to play, but had uphill battles with other talented players ahead of him. He had no stats and film his senior season, so it was tough for his recruiting.


“He’s been on the smaller side of things throughout football, but he stuck to it and he has progressed year after year.” Kevin Agee, Cameron’s father, said.

Rather than hanging the cleats up, he overcame odds to sign a scholarship with Lyon College.

“I went to a camp there in the summer,” Cameron explained on how he found out about the program, “We kind of developed with the coaches a little bit and found out about them. So, we just started building up a relationship with them and kept going to camps and all that, and just eventually got to the point where they basically just offered me.”

Even in hard times, he always remembered his father’s advice to motivate him.

“Like my dad kept telling me, ‘Just keep my head up, just keep working. Don’t worry about what everybody else has to say about it and all that.’” He said.

Their first school of choice was the University of Arkansas at Monticello when they connected well with the wide receiver coach. However, when the coach left to be an assistant at another college, the Agee’s knew that Lyon was the best college to go.

“Once Coach (Lawann) Laston left, I think it made the decision easier.” Kevin said.

Lyon football revamped back in 2015 after being in a 62-year hiatus and is a program that Cameron can get developed in. It may be a Division-III school, but they are blessed that the school gave him a chance.

“Only thing he needs is an opportunity and a chance,” Kevin said, “He’ll take it from there.”

Cameron’s path may have started off slow but in the end, he accomplished his dream of playing college ball and his story can be used as inspiration for underclassmen. It shows that anybody can play on the next level no matter if you don’t have the highlights.

“Just because you don’t get stats on that field doesn’t mean that’s the end,” Kevin encouraged, “Go to these schools, meet these coaches. Learn the program and get familiar with these coaches and just kill it. Give it everything you got.”





David Perry
Author: David Perry