There are several members of the 2023 class of the Brighton High School football team who are in the process of deciding where they will continue their education and football careers.

A few of of them have been talking amongst each other to try and make their decisions. Very recently offensive lineman Matthew Parker signed with Bethel University.

Last Wednesday, Kyan Mayer and Nathan Hayden made the decision to play for the same school.


In front of family members, coaches and teammates, Maher and Hayden signed with Cumberland University, a private school in Lebanon, Tenn.

“Well,” Maher, a versatile skill player, said, “Cumberland, it was a good location right in the center of everything and close to my parents, my sister, my hometown … A lot of us got in a group chat and talked about where we wanted to go. Nathan and I just decided we’d go to Cumberland together and take it from there.”

Hayden, who has played as a lineman and linebacker and Brighton the last three years, said scholarship money played a role in his decision. The chance to go to college with a familiar face at a small school also played a role.

“The campus was nice and small and it looked beautiful,” Hayden said. “I like small class sizes and that’s what they have there. They have a great physical education program, which is something I wanted to do. It just stood out. It will be fun having a teammate there.”

Jeff Ireland
Author: Jeff Ireland