Welcome to the seventh episode of “100 Yards” with special guests Josh Fleming, Michael Armour, Jonathan Maley and Nick Johnson.

These Brighton players discuss several topics with Jeff Ireland, The Leader’s sports editor, as they walk from one goal line to the other.


Other episodes featured Covington head coach J.R. Kirby, Brighton head coach Mike David, Munford head coach Nick Markle, Tipton-Rosemark coach Collin Pinner and Covington’s team captains and four of Munford’s seniors.

New episodes will debut every Friday.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.


  1. Mr. Jeff Ireland, I’m sorry you haven’t written my sons name all year (Jonathan Maley).. what a great comment to say to a kid. Who by the way has one of the biggest hearts on the team and his a leader and captain. He gets several tackles each game. I’m sorry that you havent looked at any of his game photoage before you interview kids. Or maybe speak to coaches. Probably because of our record. Brighton defense stays on the field 75% of the game. He gets triple or double teamed each play with kids his size or bigger and still makes tackles and does his job. Shame on you! I can tell your the guy that goes looks for stars. Which wouldn’t get a chance without kids like mine sacrificing their body’s and health for a team that’s his family. Good day sir.

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