A survey conducted by The Leader shows local voters are most concerned with public safety and the state of education. 

The survey also showed many voters are concerned about infrastructure and workforce development as Blue Oval City begins to take shape. 

“It’s not surprising to see that Blue Oval is a big priority for our voters,” said managing editor Echo Day. “We know it’s going to change the landscape, but just how much growth, development, and changes we’ll see seems to leave people with a bit of anxiety. It’s a big decision to elect someone during a period of time we know will have a lasting impact on the state of our county. They want to make sure they make the right decision.” 


Economic and community development, the budget, and parks and recreation rounded out the list of priorities respondents were asked to rank by priority.

Approval ratings

The survey also showed that slightly more than half of those who responded believe their elected officials do represent the best interest of the majority. 

On the county level that number was 51.4 percent, with 25.7 percent saying their county officials had done their best and 22.9 percent answering “maybe.”

The results were comparable for state representative and senator – 57.1 percent said no, 22.9 percent said yes, and 20 percent said maybe – as well as for U.S. House and Senate – 54.3 percent said no, 28.6 percent said maybe, and 17.1 percent said yes. 

Voting and voting suppression

The Leader also asked voters if they believe their vote matters – 75 percent said yes, 19.4 percent said no – and whether or not they believe voter suppression has been an issue in Tipton County in the last 20 years. 

The results showed 77.1 percent of voters said no, 14.3 percent said maybe, and 8.6 percent said no.


Forty percent of respondents were from South Tipton – 20 percent each from the Atoka and Munford precincts – and 17.1 percent were from the Southeast Covington precinct.

The majority of those who responded were in the 36-45 age range with 19.4 percent in the 86-100 range and a three-way tie at 13.9 percent in the 26-35, 56-65, and 66-75 ranges. There was one respondent in the 18-25 range.

Conducted anonymously to collect information for our editorial staff and candidates, the 2022 Tipton County Voter Survey results were used to help develop the outline and questions for The Leader’s candidate forum and voters guide. 

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.