Incumbent alderwoman Virginia Rivers campaigns alongside former mayor Gwendolyn Kilpatrick at Greenleaf Church Tuesday. Rivers went on to win re-election.

Virginia Rivers and two newcomers won their races for aldermen this week.

Rivers, who has served Mason for several terms, handily won re-election Tuesday with 29.23 percent of the vote.

In Mason, the top three vote-getters are elected to serve. Sha’Te Toliver came in second with 115 votes and Celia Jones Chastain came in third with 113.


Paul David Broughton, who was in one of the top three spots before election day results were published, earned a total of 101 votes.

Kenneth Greening earned 80 votes.

Both Chastain and Broughton are former candidates for mayor.  Brought ran against former mayor Gwendolyn Kilpatrick in 2016 and Chastain ran in 2018.

Neither of the other incumbent aldermen, Carl Somerville and Dr. Keneko Claybon, ran for re-election.

In addition to Rivers and Mayor Emmitt Gooden, Chastain and Toliver will serve the Town of Mason with vice mayor Eddie Noeman and aldermen Sylvester Harvey and Carolyn Catron.

The Town of Mason is part of the Austin Peay precinct, which has historically high voter turnout.

In Mason, a total of 585 ballots were cast.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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