On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the Town of Atoka honored eight of its longtime employees, most of them police officers.

Patrolman Donnie Lewis was recognized for two decades of service to the police department.


“The experience and dedication Patrolman Lewis brought to this department has been invaluable over the past 20 years,” said mayor Darryl Walker.

Natalie Taube, who began her employment with the town as a police officer in October 2004. She is now the billing manager for the water and sewer department, where she has been employed since 2008.

Captain Richard Glasgow has been with the Atoka Police Department since November 2008. He was promoted to captain in 2009.

Investigator Dan Jacobs came to the police department in September 2014 after his retirement from the Memphis Police Department bomb squad. Hired as a patrolman, he was promoted to sergeant soon after.

Patrolman Troy West was hired in August 2014 and was previously with the Memphis Police Department. He is the department’s K-9 handler and serves with K-9 Jack.

Patrolman Darryl Smith was hired in January 2014. He has previously served with the Ripley and Covington police departments. He is one of the department’s firearms instructors and will soon be named its accident reconstruction officer.

Officer Josh Durham was hired in August 2014. Previously a Brighton reserve officer, he is currently assigned to the patrol division and is the department’s IT person.

The Atoka Police Department has an uncommonly low turnover rate for a law enforcement agency.

Finally, Atoka Fire Chief Henry Posey is marking five years with the town. He was the department’s first employee.

“The journey began with Chief Posey on Oct. 9, 2014,” said Walker. “As we interviewed and hired Chief Posey, he hit the ground running … ”

Posey has hired every employee and built the department from its infancy.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.