Judson Naifeh arrested after alleged altercation with shoplifter that involved a gun


Judson Naifeh, the owner of Naifeh’s Cash Saver in Covington and Naifeh’s Food Market in Munford, was led out of his Covington store Thursday afternoon in handcuffs and charged with aggravated assault after an altercation with a man charged with shoplifting from the store.

According to court documents, Christopher Bonds, 56, called police and said that Naifeh asked him to approach his truck at Tiger Express gas station at 955 Highway 51, a short distance from Cash Saver. Then, according to Bonds, Naifeh said, “You stole steaks from my store … I am tired of you (expletive) taking from me and if I catch you back on my property I will kill you.”

Bonds told officers Naifeh, 48, had his hand on a black gun between his legs during the altercation.


The officer then went to Cash Saver where Naifeh reportedly admitted to a “heated argument” and that both men made threats. A 40-caliber handgun was found in the console of Naifeh’s vehicle and he was taken to the Tipton County Jail. He was released on a $5,000 bond at 4:05 p.m., approximately three hours after being arrested.

According to the affidavit, during the altercation Bonds defended Naifeh’s allegations of theft by stating his shoplifting charges had already been “resolved” in court, but The Leader discovered the charges are still pending.

Bonds was cited for shoplifting steaks, ham and bologna from Cash Saver on multiple occasions last month and is scheduled to appear in Tipton County General Sessions Court April 7 concerning those charges.


Reached for comment today, Naifeh wrote in an email: “I am very frustrated with the shoplifting situation in my store. It is out of control in this town. This one criminal was arrested for shoplifting earlier this month and came back in at least three more times that we know of after being put on a no-trespassing list. This problem is not being handled. It has to stop. My business is mine. It is not a corporate store. When people steal from me I notice. This is my house … Yesterday the Covington Police Department took a convicted criminal with over 20 prior charges word against mine. I have never been arrested before … This is not a situation where someone is hungry. My grandfather, Oney, taught me to give food to the needy. If he was hungry I would have given him food. This is a situation where a criminal is stealing and selling the meat for money.”

Naifeh is due back in court on April 14.

Jeff Ireland
Author: Jeff Ireland