David Boone

Instead of serving the Town of Brighton, a former alderman is now serving time. 

David Boone was convicted of two counts of fondling last month, charges on which he was indicted in June 2021.

Boone was elected in November 2020 and was employed at White Station High School with Shelby County Schools at the time of his arrest. He had been an educator for more than two decades.


A Louisiana native, he has also coached cross country, track, basketball and football in other Shelby County school as well as in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In March 2022, the Town of Brighton filed an ouster. 

He reportedly notified mayor Stephanie Washam he would be on leave until the matter was resolved in order “to not be a distraction,” the complaint suggests, and has not participated in meetings of the board of mayor and aldermen, training for elected officials, or town events like parades and trash pick-ups, the complaint alleges.

Brighton has four aldermen and requires three for a quorum, so Boone’s absence meant city business could not be conducted if another alderman was absent. 

Boone resigned from his seat before the matter could be heard in court.

In July 2022, he demanded The Leader remove the story of the town’s legal action against him from its website. The Leader did not honor that request.

Boone has been in custody since March 28. 

There is a campaign to raise money for an appeal, the organizer stating Boone has been wrongfully convicted by corrupt court. 

The website states Boone was “one of [a] few honest voices for the citizens” and said his elderly parents have spent their savings on his legal fees. 

“All this led to jail time, imprisonment, loss of relationship with his children, loss of career, declining health, PTSD, loss of friends and family members, loss of good reputation and loss of his seat as [a] duly elected alderman.”

Of its $100,000 goal, the group has raised $210. 

Boone is not the first Brighton alderman indicted for crimes of a sexual nature. 

A dozen years ago another alderman was charged with fondling teenagers he’d hired to maintain properties for his real estate business. He was later convicted and forced out of office. 

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.