The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted an undercover, alcohol compliance check on several Tipton County businesses.

Investigators used an informant, under the age of 21, to go into these establishments in an attempt to purchase alcohol.


Throughout the investigation, a total of 13 businesses were checked. Twelve of those businesses refused to sell to the underage informant however, one business did sell.

Fast Times, located at 5711 Highway 59 West in Burlison was the only business that was in violation. Cited for the unlawful sale was a 17-year-old employee.

Businesses that did not sell are:

1. M&E Express – 3476 Wilkinsville Rd.

2. US Food Mart #1 – 3795 Drummonds Rd.

3. US Food Mart #2 – 4624 Drummonds Rd.

4. Turnage Grocery – 14302 Hwy. 59 W.

5. Gilt Edge Express – 10816 Holly Grove Rd.

6. Dollar General – 5306 Munford Gilt Edge Rd.

7. Dollar General – 5769 Hwy. 59 W.

8. 59 Express – 7140 Hwy. 59 W.

9. Mid-Way #1 – 6213 Hwy. 59 S.

10. Fastimes – 6971 Hwy. 14 S.

11. Dollar General – 5729 Richardson Landing Rd.

12. Dollar General – 7031 Hwy. 14 S.

“I am grateful to the businesses that actively check identifications of their patrons and refuse to sell alcohol to individuals who are under the age of 21.  This certainly creates a safer community for everyone in Tipton County”, said Sheriff Pancho Chumley. “Ultimately, I want the number of violations during these operations to be zero and to stay at zero, regardless of the time of year.” 

Robin Racine said,  “Ongoing alcohol sales compliance checks are an effective tool to protect our youth from alcohol use and future addiction.  There is a decrease in the likelihood of establishments selling alcohol to youth after they have been checked by law enforcement.  Drug Free Tipton would like to thank the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office for the role they play in the protection of our youth.  We are also proud of the stores that passed their compliance checks.”

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.