If everything goes as planned, Munford will be operating its own trash pickup service by Dec. 1 of next year.

At a meeting held Monday night, the board voted to form its own trash service. Aldermen Jack Bomar, Lonnie Glass, Sue Arthur, Ray Deneka and Deborah Reed voted yes. Alderman Glenn Turner abstained.

Munford’s trash service will take the place of Waste Pro. The current contract with that company ends Dec. 1, 2023.


Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole said if Waste Pro’s service had been satisfactory it’s likely the contract would be renewed. According to Cole, however, there have been many problems during Waste Pro’s time picking up trash in Munford.

“I know they’re doing they best they can to provide the service we need,” Cole said, “but it’s been unacceptable, and that’s an understatement … We all know there have been a lot of issues with our service.”

When Munford began contracting garbage pickup services several years ago, Munford residents were allowed to opt out. Those customers will be allowed to opt out again when Munford has its own garbage service, but those who opted in (plus new customers) will automatically be enrolled moving forward.

Cole pointed out the rates will only increase by about a dollar per week.

According to an estimated budget of the new service, the monthly rate for basic pickup will increase from $20.55 to $24.55.

Cole and Glass both made a point to say the reason for the change is not to generate more revenue, but instead to provide better service to residents and have more control over garbage pickup.

Said Cole: “It’s about all of us working together as a community.”

According to Cole, about 20 percent of residents opted out when Munford began contracting garbage pickup. He said it’s necessary for most citizens to be a part of the new service to make it work financially.

Plans are already in the works to purchase two garbage trucks. A new one will cost $350,000 and a used one, to be used as a backup option, will cost $150,000. The purchase of 2,750 carts is estimated to cost $467,500, bringing the estimate startup cost to $967,500.

In other matters:

New Munford police officers (from left) Kenneth Garcia, Gary Bryant and Anthony Jordan are sworn in by Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole during Monday’s Munford Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. Photo by Jeff Ireland

• Anthony Jordan, Gary Bryant and Kenneth Garcia were sworn in as new Munford police officers.

• Cole reminded everyone the 38th Celebrate Munford fall festival will be held Oct. 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in downtown Munford.

• Improvements, including the installation of turn lanes, are underway at the intersections of Munford Avenue and Doctors Drive and Munford Avenue and Beaver Road. A sidewalk on the south side of McLaughlin Drive that leads to Munford High School is also under construction and Munford Police officers will be serving as crossing guards at several new locations.

• Emergency sewer repairs are underway on Tipton Road, causing intermittent road closures. Cole said road closures will be announced via social media.

• The Munford Downtown Development Committee was formed during the meeting. Its purpose is to help downtown business owners secure grants for improvements to buildings, landscaping and parking.



Jeff Ireland
Author: Jeff Ireland