Early voting will begin this week for the May 3 Republican Primary.

County primaries, which have been held since 2016, are requested by Tipton County’s Republican and/or Democratic parties. In contested races where party affiliation has been declared, they decide who’ll appear on the ballot for the county general elections in August.


There are only three contested races for this primary: the county executive seat, school board district 4, and constables in district 2.

The last primary took place in 2020 and cost just over $40,000. During a presidential primary the county is reimbursed for the cost, however that is not the case for county primaries.

Administrator of elections Cindy Pinner said the Republicans called for a primary for this election, but the Democrats did not. Other candidates have chosen to run as Independents and will first appear on the ballot in August.

Pinner said there are several factors involved – from the number of pollworkers hired to the cost of legal notices – and the cost of the primary is hard to determine at this point.

On the ballot for the May 3 Republican primary

Kasey Culbreath, 25th Judicial District Chancellor

Mark E. Davidson, District Attorney General, 25th Judicial District (in office since 2017)

Billy “Bo” Burk, Public Defender, 25th Judicial District (in office since 2014)

Scottie Delashmit, circuit court clerk

Shannon Beasley, sheriff (current sheriff but first election)


County Executive

(Only one will advance)

Stephen Shopher, County Executive, challenger

William Jeffrey “Jeff” Huffman, County Executive (in office since 1986)

County Commission

(Each district elects two commissioners)

Rod Hickman, county commissioner, district 1 (both incumbents also running)

Michael W. Naifeh, county commissioner, district 2 (incumbent)

Ryan Ripperton, county commissioner, district 2

John Anthony Mashburn, county commissioner, district 3

Richard Kelley, county commissioner, district 3 (incumbent)

Brett Allen Giannini, county commissioner, district 4

Walker A. Adams, county commissioner, district 4 (incumbent)

Glenn Turner, county commissioner, district 5 (incumbent)

Randy M. Roe, county commissioner, district 5

James “Jimbo” Adkins, county commissioner, district 6 (incumbent)

Michelle Smith, county commissioner, district 6 (incumbent)

Brad Case, county commissioner, district 7

Christie Jarvis, county commissioner, district 7

Cecil G. Watson, county commissioner, district 8

Charles Woelm, county commissioner, district 8

Jonathan G. Murphy, county commissioner, district 9 (incumbent)

School board

(Each district elects one member)

Brett Thomas, school board, district 2

Jacob Siler, school board, district 4

Stephan Matthew McCann, school board, district 4

Jason L. Jenkins, school board, district 6

Ben Kirk, school board, district 8


(Each district elects one constable)

Christopher G. Fisher, constable, district 2

Johnny Berryman, constable, district 2

Darren Smith, constable, district 5

Michael J. Osborn, constable, district 7

August 4 county general election

The following candidates are running as Independents and not on the Republican Primary ballot:

William C. “Bill” Cole, Chancellor, 25th Judicial District (incumbent)

William A. “Bill” Peeler, general sessions judge (incumbent)

Mike Forbess, circuit court clerk (incumbent)

Kristie Glass Maxwell, trustee (incumbent)

Mary Gaither, county clerk (incumbent)

Claudia M. Peeler, register of deeds (incumbent)

J. Weber McCraw, circuit court judge, 25th Judicial District (incumbent)

County Commission

(Each district elects two commissioners)

Rusty Wooten, county commissioner, district 1 (incumbent)

Sheila Barlow, county commissioner, district 1 (incumbent)

Charles Maxwell, county commissioner, district 2

Justin Gangaware, county commissioner, district 2

Steve Bringle, county commissioner, district 3

Caleb Holt, county commissioner, district 6

Courtney Fee, county commissioner, district 7 (incumbent)

James Lamont Sneed, county commissioner, district 8 (incumbent)

David Copeland, county commissioner, district 9 (incumbent)

School board

(Each district elects one member)

Loretta Eubanks, school board, district 2

Patricia Mills, school board, district 6

Belinda J. Rozell, school board, district 8 (incumbent)


(Each district elects one constable)

Brian “Moody” Max, constable, district 1 (incumbent)

Curtis Mayo, constable, district 4

James E. “Shugs” Stroud, constable, district 6 (incumbent)

Jeffery Johnson, constable, district 7 (will be challenged by incumbent Mike Osborn and Robert Lomax)

Robert Lomax, constable, district 7 (will be challenged by incumbent Mike Osborn and Jeffery Johnson)

Early voting begins Wednesday, April 13

Early voting begins on Wednesday, April 13 and continues through April 28.

There will be two locations: the Tipton County Election Commission, at 113 E. Church Street in Covington, and First Baptist Church, at 102 Kimbrough Avenue in Atoka.

Early voting will be conducted from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and 3-7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Polling locations will be closed on Friday, April 15 in observance of Good Friday.

If you miss early voting and are not voting by mail, you have to vote in person on election day.

To find out more about the elections, see https://www.tiptonco.com/election_commission/index.php.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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