The City of Covington will begin installing new water meters, a process that will take more than a year before it’s completed.

“In our public works committee we have been discussing now for several months the automated meter infrastructure system that we are in the process of investing here in the city,” said mayor Justin Hanson.

The project will take 12-15 months and will replace the current meters, which are aging.


Beginning the week of Feb. 10, utility department employees and contractors will begin conducting a site survey for each residential and commercial customer.

“The survey is to collect information necessary to replace all water meters as well as install data collection for our gas meters,” Hanson said. “The first phase should take approximately one month.”

The second phase will begin after all equipment has been ordered and shipped.

He said installation should require a “very short” interruption in service to customers.

“We are hopeful and greatly confident this will improve our system operation and our customer service.”

Hanson said the city is working to notify residents so they know why people are on their property.

“If you see some activity for a short period of time, this is just a part of the process for the advanced meter infrastructure. Getting this infrastructure in place you might see a slight disturbance in your utilities that is very brief, but if it is not very brief, we need to know that very quickly.”

Hanson said city leaders are excited about the transition.

The change to new meters will allow data collection to be conducted electronically, versus having a meter reader travel to each consumer for readings.

Neighboring towns, such as Atoka and Munford, have had AMI meters in place for several years.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call the city at 901-476-9613 or the public works department at 901-476-9531.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

Echo Day is an award-winning journalist, photographer and designer. She is currently The Leader's managing editor.