Frazier High School is no longer standing and few of its artifacts are still around, but Tipton County Museum Archivist Sherri Onorati has a 1957 yearbook from the former all-Black school in Covington’s District 1.

The Class of 1957 featured some people who would go on to do great things. Minnie Burrell was the class’s treasurer who would later marry classmate John Bommer, become a nurse and mother, founded the Children and Family Services agency in 1982, the Tennessee Black Child Institute, and became the first woman and the first African American on the Covington Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

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The Frazier High School Class of 1957 included:


Valedictorian Annie B. Terry, who was also the assistant secretary; salutatorian James Boddie, also class president; vice president Clarence Wakefield; sergeant-at-arms John Holland; business manager Freddie L. McCall; secretary Doris M. Smith; treasurer Minnie Burrell; Eunice Hughlett; Hattie J. Taylor; Evrette Woods; Marva E. Cole; James Gaines; Tommie Boyd; Eunice Alston; Robert Blakely; Yvonne Woods; John A. Douglas; Clara J. Wakefield; Allen Payne; Everlyna Elam; Lois Jean Brown; Dora Harper; Hazel Harris; Robert Alston; Edna J. Davis; John Bommer; Dorothy M. Teamer; Issie M. Baker; Annette Boyd; Bessie M. Jones; Dorothy R. Wynn; Warlene Dyson; Mary Alexander; Willie P. Taylor; Mary L. Sneed; Dorothy Wherry; Alice Winston; Thurmon Wright; Juanita D. Moye; Edward Adams; Juanita Tipton; Ernest Bragg; Francine G. Woods; Edward L. Crowder; and  Katheryn Burrell.

Mr. Percy B. Brown was the principal. Other teachers were Mrs. R.W. Heaston and Miss A. F. Mercer, first grade; Mrs. L.M. Haley and Mrs. J.D. Bentley, second grade; Mrs. B.J. Lyles and Mrs. I. Collier, third grade; Mrs. J.A. Bethel and Mrs. T.J. Brown, fourth grade Mrs. H.M. Yarbrough, fifth grade; Mr. R.C. Davis, sixth grade; Mrs. O.P. Donaldson, seventh grade; Mrs. M.E. Selden, eighth grade; Miss N.P. Hampton, Home Economics; Miss R.G. Montgomery, English; Mrs. F.R. White, Math; Mrs. V.L. Turner, library advisor; Mrs. I.E. Orr, English; Miss O.M. Flemings, Commerce; Mr. W.M. Moore, Agriculture; Mrs. C.N. Epps, Math; Mr. J.H. Pirtle, Physical Education; Miss O. Haynes, Science; Miss E.M. Washington, French; Mr. E.J. Quinn, Science, coach; Miss D.E. King, Social Studies.

Additionally, this photo of Frazier students with the Coke machine was also printed in the yearbook, but no one was identified.

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