Thursday, Gov. Bill Lee and Vice President Mike Pence were in Memphis discussing the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines in Tennessee.

Though there is no definitive timeline, there is a plan. The first phase will include the Pfizer vaccine, but the Moderna vaccine is expected to follow. The department of health said they anticipate receiving the vaccines on a rolling basis.


“While we do not have exact timeframes at this point, we can share the anticipated phases of allocation,” the department of health said in an email to Tennessee mayors. “While these phases are subject to change, the (proposed plan) illustrates what we best anticipate these phases to be at this time.”

According to that email, the vaccine is expected in mid-December and priority will be given to in-patient and other high-risk healthcare workers, the residents and staff of long-term care facilities and first responders first. That group is estimated to be 450,000 people across the state.

Next, an estimated 100,000 healthcare workers will receive the vaccine, followed by an estimated 1.2 million people who have high-risk comorbidities.

In the second phase, the vaccine will be distributed the estimated 2.55 million people who make up critical infrastructure, school and childcare staff, moderate-risk comorbities, congregate care and the corrections industry.

In phases three and four, young adults, children, general industry and all remaining Tennesseans will be vaccinated.

More information about the vaccines is available here and here.