• Valedictorian Ian Thomas Keith, GPA 4.0, ACT 36; son of David and Heather Keith of Brighton

With graduation fewer than three months away, the Class of 2021 is gearing up for commencement.

This week, the Tipton County Board of Education has announced the following seniors as the top 10 at their respective schools.

In some cases, administrators had to use ACT scores and numerical averages of core classes to determine class ranking.


Here’s Brighton’s Top 10:

1. Ian Thomas Keith, GPA 4.0, ACT 36; son of David and Heather Keith of Brighton

2. Jackson Alan Rezach, GPA 4.0, ACT 34; son of William Alan and Leah Rachel Rezach of Covington

3. James Drake Rankin, GPA 4.0, ACT 33; son of Todd and the late Michelle Rankin of Henning

4. Sydney Catherine Mitchell, GPA 4.0, ACT 31 daughter of Jeff and Hollie Mitchell of Atoka

5. Frankie Nicole Potier, GPA 4.0, ACT 27; daughter of and Michele and Ronnie Jacobs of Burlison and Frank Potier of Clinton, Ark.

6. Lauren Elise Baskin, GPA 4.0, ACT 26; daughter of Robert and Zoe Baskin of Burlison

7. Avery Elizabeth Billings, GPA 3.9818, ACT 24; daughter of Chris and Krystal Billings of Brighton

8. Alison Joan Moschitta, GPA 3.9811, ACT 24; daughter of Keith and Regina Moschitta of Atoka

9. Katelyn Joy Anderson, GPA 3.9636, ACT 29; daughter of Brian and Jennifer Anderson of Brighton

10. Kaylee Lynn Huffman, GPA 3.9636, ACT 22; daughter of Lonnie and Christina Huffman of Brighton

The Class of 2021 will graduate on May 20 (Brighton), May 21 (Munford) and May 24 (Covington). The Leader will recognize graduates in its Class of 2021 magazine in early June.

Photos of these students are featured in the March 11, 2020 print edition as well.

Echo Day
Author: Echo Day

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