Brighton couple cited in animal hoarding case


A Brighton couple was cited for animal hoarding after the county removed 46 dogs from their property and mobile home.

Dozens of dog crates and carriers, each containing a barking or whining dog, lined the Brighton-Clopton Road property as employees from the Tipton County and Memphis animal shelters worked to take the dogs from the single-wide mobile home. Animal control was there investigating a complaint.


“They were told 35 dogs and it’s actually almost 50,” said Amanda Harris, one of the founders of the non-profit rescue group Friends of the Tipton County Animal Shelter. “We have had MAS send one of their investigators to help us.”

FOTCAS will raise the money required to get the dogs, many of whom have long nails and mange, much-needed veterinary care.

“There are some serious medical cases that we’ll have to fund,” she said. “There are mostly skin conditions, but there are some other medical needs and we’ll get them evaluated.”

She and co-founder Caitlin Metz were at the house assisting with the removal effort.

The women are working with other rescue groups to help foster the dogs.

Lee Cooper Riley, the Tipton County Animal Shelter’s operations manager, assists a couple with paperwork after animal control removes 46 dogs from their Brighton-Clopton Road home. Photo and video by Echo Day

“The shelter was already at max capacity, and simply cannot house and care for this many dogs for very long. It is crucial that we move dogs to rescues as quickly as possible. We have some local foster groups who will help us, then some up in Wisconsin, but before we transport up north we have to get them vetted and stable for transport.”

In 2014, the TCAS removed more than 100 cats from a Mason grocery store. The 46 dogs removed Tuesday is believed to be the largest case involving dogs.

For more information on how you can help, see the FOTCAS Facebook page.