On Monday, April 13, Tipton reported an increase of one confirmed case over the previous day, bringing the total 50 confirmed cases. The first one was reported 25 days ago.

The state has reported 20 of those 50 patients have recovered.

Also announced Monday, the health department will now be testing anyone who wants to be tested, even if they’re asymptomatic. The tests are free and still require a 10-14 day period of self-quarantine.


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Tipton County’s numbers

Confirmed cases: 50

Average increase in confirmed cases per day: 2

Cases per 10,000: 8.19


Tipton Countians tested: 562

Average number of tests per day: 30.7

Number negative: 512, or 91.8 percent

Need to get tested? Tipton has six testing sites.

Recovery and hospitalization

Number of Tipton Countians recovered: 20

Number hospitalized at Baptist-Tipton: 0


The numbers show, of its rural neighbors, Tipton is conducting more testing than other counties in West Tennessee.

Though Tipton has led the region in percentage of confirmed cases amongst those tested, on Monday it dropped to third.

  1. Shelby: 8.48 percent positive; 13,692 tested, 1,269 confirmed, 26 deaths*
  2. Fayette: 8.26 percent positive; 400 tested, 36 confirmed
  3. Tipton: 8.17 percent positive; 562 tested, 50 confirmed
  4. Haywood: 8.05 percent positive; 137 tested, 12 confirmed, 1 death
  5. Madison: 7.83 percent positive; 801 tested, 68 confirmed

What does this mean?
This could be interpreted to mean Tipton has more access to tests than some of its neighbors and is testing those who show symptoms. It could also show a higher rate of infection in Tipton than some of its neighbors.

We’ve chosen to show this data in percentages amongst those tested as it allows for a better comparison of positives and negatives amongst the population tested for each count.


More than 76,195 Tennesseans have been tested, with at least 5,610 positives and at least 109+ deaths (26 of those in Shelby County and one in Haywood County). At least 579 people across the state have been hospitalized at some point during infection and 1,671 people have recovered.

Statewide, 6.86 percent of tests result in a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

*There is a discrepancy between the Tennessee Department of Health’s COVID-19’s data and the data provided by the Shelby County Department of Health. TDH shows 1,331 cases and 21 deaths, however the SCHD shows 1,269 cases and 26 deaths (they reported 21 deaths five days ago). We have chosen to use the SCHD numbers.

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