Please stop littering

Tax money could be used for better things. $11,000 of your money to pay for trash pickup in our state. That’s what the state pays for state roads. That’s not counting what the county and city has to pay for litter control.


The fine for first conviction for littering is $500 and 40 hours of litter pickup. The fine for second conviction is $1,500. The fine should be tripled. Litter pickup should be raised from 40 hours to 80 hours.

I was polite in my first letter to the editor. Are you people mad about something or just uneducated? Do you realize where this trash ends up? You have heard crap runs downhill. Well, it does. A lot of this mess winds up in our rivers and streams, eventually reaching the Mississippi River and the gulf to the ocean.

One of the problems is fast food pickups. They consume their food in their cars and throw it out before they get to where they’re going. I believe there should be deposits on all cans, five to 10 cents each.

Please stop littering. Thank you.

Danny White


Thanks for helping with unity

We put a lot of work into what we can look back, now, and say it was an Awesome success.

It was an honor to be acknowledged, invited, welcomed, respected and appreciated in the town where I grew up.

Hopefully, next year, and years to come, this will grow into something bigger, and greater.

To our team, I say thanks, everything came together. Thanks Candis Robinson, Cathy Rickman, Tandra Dickerson, Mario Hayslett, Brandy Atkins, Pamela Williams, Rick Perry, and Rodger Beasley.

To Echo Day at The Leader and to Loren at KBJ, thanks for helping us with promotions and advertising. And to my photographer, SaDabrie Yantez Taylor, you’re the best.

To our sponsors, Tipton Arts Council, Tennessee Arts Commission, and to Vanderbilt Landscaping, we appreciate you. Your assistance helped us with getting everything and everybody we needed to get things done in such fashion. Wanda Bellows, you are a Jewel.

To Mayor Justin M. Hanson, all I can say is you’re alright with me. Every time I call on you, you’re there. That says a lot, and it means a lot to me.

To all of our honorees, and honorable Mentions, well, thanks for being exemplary of “What A Difference Uniting Makes.” To all that spoke on the behalf of the honorees, we knew it be more heartfelt, and meaningful, coming from you. Thanks.

To all of the participants, you all were exceptional, you did exactly what we wanted for this occasion, and event. Thank you so much.

Deborah Thomas, your voice is so big, and powerful, you shook up the town, leaving an impression that will always be remembered. Thanks, big sister!!! Carla Marie Barnes, thanks for reminding us Who “The Greatest of All Time” is. Comedian Stephon Smith, the people love you, you had everyone locked in and laughing from the minute you walked on stage until the time you walked off stage. And to my sisters, Suzette Wingo-Whittaker and Eugenia Sims, and to my babies, Porschia Clark, Brooklyn Hawkins, Antonio Dickerson and Alexis Dickerson, thanks, you all were great, your introduction was heartfelt. I love you guys. Big Bro, Fletcher Dickerson Jr., thanks for your sound adivce, and encouragement. Family First, thanks to our parents, and grandparents. We all understand this principle.

To all that came out to experience, and enjoy, we truly thank you. You showed, and proved, that we all can enjoy and appreciate something, together.

Bottom line: Unity Within Diversity, Gospel Extravaganza. “What A Difference Uniting Makes”, and now we can say, “What A Difference Uniting Made”, and “What A Difference Uniting Is Making.”

Tony Dickerson



Letter to the editor: Funding cuts affect the arts in Tipton County

Letter to the editor: Funding cuts affect the arts in Tipton County

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