Sorry about there being “no news” last week, due to the fact that I was on vacation in Mobile, Ala., where I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday cruising with my siblings and several family members. 


Due to Hurricane Nate hitting the area, our entire cruise was supposed to have been five days with two island stops in Cozumel and Paragould, Mexico, but instead we just enjoyed a very lovely ship that went only into international waters for awhile. The food and ship’s crew made sure all of us were always enjoying ourselves each day.

Included in our group were yours truly, sisters Alice Burton from Nashville and Calia Lake Covington, Rev. O’Pearl (Rev.  Romel Andrews) of Atoka, Kimel  (Armando) Hodges of Dallas, and our cousin Belinda Lee of St. Louis, our brothers Tim (Erma) Burton of N.C., Jeremiah (Cindy) Burton, of Cordova and Dave (Pam) Burton of Germantown and friends of our family just like our family were Rev. Lawrence (Brenda) Andrews of Ripley, who were celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary. Rev. Lawrence even sang his bride a special song on the boat, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” during karaoke night. He did an outstanding job, they’re so cute.

We met eight other family members while waiting at the Renaissance Hotel in Mobile on Sunday during dinner. A musician that played awesomely on his guitar from the area, Chris, played whatever we requested of him beautifully! During our impromptu jam session in the hotel, everyone was popping in to join our fun, even several of a Catholic group from the convention center next door, who were involved in a “Black Tie” event. Several of them kept on popping in and even joining in with us. It was great! We made it back home around 6:30 on Thursday night, tired but happy.

There is no new news to bring you, just the regular news coming up for the rest of this month. I’ll have news and more of it next week.

Keeping our regulars also in prayer, along with this week, Jessie Cook, Patricia Robinson and Judy Sherfield. 

Happy birthday to David Ivy on Oct. 11 and Michael Andrews on the 25th. 

Remember, “It’s always a good time to have a great time.” 

Until next week.


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