Former Covington Fire Chief Michael Naifeh’s recent arrest will be expunged next year if he is not again arrested. 

On Friday, Naifeh was granted pretrial diversion for his misdemeanor theft under $1,000 charge.


This alternative to prosecution is not usually used in Tipton County, said court clerk Mike Forbess. The case requires a special prosecutor from Madison County, where pretrial diversion is more common. 

His official misconduct charge, which is a felony, has already been dropped.

Naifeh was indicted in March after allegedly using a city-issued credit card to purchase sporting-related equipment in February 2018. Records from the state comptroller’s investigation show three different transactions took place.

Following his arrest, mayor Justin Hanson suspended him with pay for a 30-day period. The board of mayor and alderman issued another 30-day period of suspension with pay before Naifeh resigned in mid-April. 

Naifeh became Covington’s fire chief in May 2015. 

Richard Griggs has served as Covington’s interim fire chief and was officially named chief on Tuesday. 


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