When Covington native La’Shune Williams was about 10 years old, he saw his mother draw a picture of a flower.

He proceeded to copy his mother’s drawing and realized he had a knack for art.

“Everything kind of went from there,” said Williams, who is now 27. “I was drawing everything I saw and figured out I was kind of good at drawing.”


Today he’s got a prosperous side business called La’Shune Williams Art. He added his own clothing brand called Toxik last year and recently added customized shoes to his inventory. He also paints portraits of families and memorials.

His Facebook page is full of his artwork. Williams started selling his wares online about six years ago.

Williams is also employed by the Army National Guard. He’s been all over the world with the Army and some of the contacts he’s made abroad have purchased his clothing. He has customers in Poland and other European countries.

“I started off selling locally, then different people from out of state,” Williams said. “Sometimes I’ll send free things to people and they’ll help me promote it.”

He uses local people to model his apparel and reaches out to people with a large social media presence to help promote his business.

In the future, Williams hopes to open up a shop on the Covington square to sell his goods.

Considering Williams has customers all over the world, one could say his business is worldwide.

He chuckles at that.

“Worldwide?” Williams said. “I’d say kinda.”

Jeff Ireland
Author: Jeff Ireland