• Locals made a memorial to honor Adel A. Elrafei. Photo by David Perry.

           On December 30th, locals gathered to honor late Adel A. Elrafei who was shot and killed on Christmas. He owned Bull Market located on the northside of Covington.

            Fehnihxx Booker, a close friend to Elrafei, spoke on how the owner was more than a businessman, but a friend. Booker would come to him for advice if he needed it.


            “I’m hurt, the community is hurt, it’s very troubling. I think guns and violence is terrible in our community.” Booker stated during his speech.

            Bull Market will continue sales with Elrafei’s stepson, Justin Osteen, taking over the business.


David Perry
Author: David Perry



  1. Their is still good people in our world, and town of Covington. It is so nice to see these Covington residents take time out of their schedules and have a balloon release, it definitely shows God who is love is still living in the hearts of people. Nicely done!


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