The Tipton County School system is giving written notice to parents regarding student records. The child’s cumulative records are located in the office of the school the student attends or attended. Records of Special Education students are located in the Special Education Office or records room. In keeping with the laws regarding confidentiality, all student records are kept in locked files and maintained by appropriate personnel. Parents/legal guardians have the right to review their child’s records or request a copy, as do the students upon reaching the age of 18. To review/copy records, a request should be made in written form, signed and dated by the parent /legal guardian or student if they are 18. Records of students that have been inactivated by moving, mainstreaming, graduating, etc., are kept at the Tipton County Board of Education for three (3) years. In accordance to the confidentiality law, the records are destroyed after three years.

Renee Baxter
Author: Renee Baxter