Hannah Ruth Hardaway’s poem was published in the September 2020 issue of Highlights magazine.

A local teenager’s poem was recently featured in Highlights magazine.

When she was 11, Hannah Ruth Hardaway sent a poem in to the publication. It was finally published two years later in their September 2020 issue.

Parents Christopher and LaCreasia Hardway said they were all very excited.


“Our daughter wrote this poem a year and a half ago when she was 11 and never heard anything positive back about it until she received a letter back this year after she turned 13 congratulating her on her accomplishment that was featured in the September 2020 magazine,” Christopher said. “She was so surprised and shocked as we were after such a long time with no response.”

The poem is called “Apples” and was published in the “Your Own Pages” section.

Hannah is an 8th grader at Faith Heritage Christian Academy and would like to be an actress in the future. She enjoys painting and drawing, conversing with her brothers and sisters, family time and her pet kitten, Felix.


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