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Today is Saturday, April 30, 2016

Words for the Week: “And you arrrrrrre …?”

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On the left there is a 2-month-old, leaning back and holding her head up, apparently engrossed in whatever the photographer is doing to get a good photograph. Her legs are kinda thin, her right hand is on the move, her bright eyes are responding to the photographer who possibly is asking, “And you arrrrrrre …?” Of course we have no idea what the photographer was doing OR saying; but that would be a possibility, wouldn’t it? The baby was clearly enjoying the experience … at that precise click of the camera anyway.
Look at the baby, what do you see? … Would you say this little person is happy? Would you say she is being treated well, being read to every night, held often, hugged gently, do you think she knows deep inside that she is loved? This is a little person, and everything that happens to her in life, and how she handles it, will be reflected in each timely answer to the question, “And you arrrrrrre …?”
Whether or not the question is directly asked of her; whether or not she is aware of the never ending changes in who she is and who she is becoming. Her story starts not at birth, but at about 2-months-old, when there is a personality forming and starting to be displayed. Now she is no longer “the baby,” but is referred to by name, even though it may be “Little Mary,” or whatever her name is.
When someone a little older is introduced by name to someone, and they have no prior knowledge of who she is, who her family is, what she does for a living, and what she may have accomplished in life or is working toward accomplishing, they may ask her, “And you arrrrrrre …?” Right away, they expect a succinct explanation of “who you are.”
If you were asked that question, what would first come into your mind? Is it “I work at so-and-so’s,” or “I am married to so-and-so,” or is it more on the order of, “I am so-and-so’s mother or father,” “I go to so-and-so church,” “I am a friend of so-and-so” or “I used to be so-and-so?” How we view ourselves is all too large a part of who we really are.
This little 2-month-old has her whole life before her – but she already has a sense of self worth. Look at the expression on her face, the open hands, no insecurity is showing in her body language. Look at yourself or your children in recent or old pictures, and ask your self, “What do you see?” “What do you think?” Have you told your children, your spouse, your friends, and most of all yourself, the answer to that question? The question isn’t “and you were,” it’s “and you  arrrrrrre …?” You are the sum total of not only all that has happened to you, the mistakes you have made, the successes you have accomplished – but it is how you have dealt with them that has really made you who you are.
In the above photo you see a 2-month-old and a 67-year-old. In between these two pictures of the same person there are a world of experiences, unexpected occurrences that were heartbreaking and those that elicited true happiness, mistakes and successes, expectations postponed and unexpected surprises, life traveling on smooth roads and some on roads with unavoidable large potholes. That IS life.
Now look again at the pictures. Do you see that with the exception of one being much older (and having more hair) the smile is the same; her self worth has survived life’s roller coaster ride, the memories dwelt upon are the good ones, and her focus is on now and the future. Regardless of anyone else’s opinion, she realizes it is HER view of herself that controls who she is.
So I ask you to get out your pictures. What was your name again? … “And you arrrrrrre ……?
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“Let’s keep life simple, real and fun.” - Junebug

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