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Today is Thursday, May 5, 2016

South of France: Think of working out as fun

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I despise exercising. I do. And I know I’m not the only one. 

But the above sentences, although true, surprise and sadden me. 

Because here’s this: I couldn’t wait for recess when I was a kid. I stood out there, all proud of myself when I was the first girl chosen for the team. It didn’t happen all the time, because I wasn’t the best, but my BFFs (best friends forever in ‘tween speak) Stony and Rey were usually the captains, and when they were, I was picked early and often. Popularity has its rewards. 

In high school, I didn’t make any team I tried out for. Not one. And you know what? I think that’s pretty unfair. Yes, I get that coaches want to win, but what about us, the geeks, who may have potential? What about us who have never played before, yet have a definite interest? My self-esteem faltered significantly because I wasn’t good enough for volleyball, softball, cheerleading, tennis and track. How do I see myself as an athlete if no one else does?

In college, I took four hours of dance three days a week, in addition to water aerobics, stage combat, and walking two and half miles a day. I would go to the pool and swim 25 laps. I was an actress and modeling and my body was my instrument. Movement was essential. 

In LA, I waited tables for seven hours a shift, took dance classes and step classes. It wasn’t enough, so I added walking with weights to my regimen. 

And then, it pretty much stopped. My focus changed and I chose to no longer purse an acting career. For the first time in at least 10 years, I could eat like a normal person. And, boy, how I made up for lost time. 

When it was proposed to me that I exercise, I went into a state of panic. Exercise? Who, me? I’d never exercised. Sure, I’d done stuff, but it was things I liked, not that “E” word. 

So, now I’ve started this 30/365 (My challenge to everyone, especially myself, to move for 30 minutes a day, 365 days in a year. It can be 10 minutes here and 20 there, or all at once, or even more than 30 minutes. The idea is to just get moving and to make a positive change by establishing a healthy habit) and it’s been tough. 

I started on Jan. 1 and must admit I have not been as great a role model as I should be. In fact, I probably need a “do-over” and to just wipe the slate clean and start again. Lawd. 

I’ve fallen off the horse and I’m getting back up. It was a long time down and I have some trepidation. But I bet I’ll love being back in the saddle again and life from there will have a different view. 

Saturday, I joined a gym and I’m a little excited about it. I’ve been by since then, but uh, not for the reasons I should. I also think I may take some classes from another place, a class that reminds me of something I did once ago and loved. It’s all baby steps, y’all, baby steps. 

I’m making a pact with myself to not think of this as exercise anymore. This is recess. This is fun. This is….I’ll tell you exactly what this is…..

Remember when you couldn’t wait for recess? Come play with me. 

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