Property Transfers

By Staff

The following property transfers were recorded in the office of Tipton County Register of Deeds Claudia Peeler:

• Regina S. Robinson to Michael Shane Porter and Tonya Porter, 794 Mockingbird Drive, Brighton, 38011, Lot 35, Lancaster Place S/D, Sec C, $230,000 • Trey Gwin and Amber Haynes to JP Morgan Chase, 488 Stephens Rd, Burlison, 38015, Land Situated In Tipton County, $108,395 • Dennis Lavon Woodward to Kevin D. Reed, 1003 College St., Covington, 38019, Property Situated In Tipton County, $90,000 Shannon Barkelew and Rebecca Barkelew to Curtis L. Watson, 106 Squires Grove Dr. W., Atoka, 38004, Lot 86, Squires Grove S/D, Sec C, $155,000 • Deutsche Bank Ntl Trust to Kathleen Reader, 38 Country Side Drive, Mason, 38049, Lot 91, Richland Hills S/D, $61,900 • Jody Ann Wyatt and Terry T. Wyatt to Bank of America, 115 Anita Drive, Atoka, 38004, Lot 65, Blaydes Estates S/D, Sec D, $110,163 • Wade Wyssbrod and Sus Wyssbrod to HUD, 527 Sunnyside Rd., Brighton, 38011, Lot 1, Billy Harkness S/D, $31,200 • Andrew D. Jones and Mary K. Jones to Ronald S. Robinson and Marcie Robinson, 185 Nivens Dr., Atoka, 38004, Lot 8, Moore Estates, Sec A. , $173,000 •Richard L. Jackson and Glenda Jackson to Bruce Hazlerig and Glenda Fay Hazlerig, 258 Cotton Bay Cove, Covington, 38019, Lot 36, Phase One, The Links S/D, $282,000 • Tbl, LLC to David E. Leavell and Vicki R. Leavell, 38 Wooten Oaks Circle, Munford, 38058, Lot 2, Wooten Oaks S/D, $274,425 • D & D Custom Homes, LLC to Ryan C. Phillips and Susan B. Phillips, 689 Fairway Drive, Covington, 38019, Lot 131, Fairway Estates S/D, Sec B, $342,500