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Letter to the Editor

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Common Core

The recent articles in The Leader about Common Core served a great need.  I appreciate and applaud the effort to clarify some of the pros and cons of this teaching concept.  I have tried to reserve my opinion about Common Core because I didn’t know enough to have a solid stand one way or the other. 

My ongoing concern about the matter is the “gut feeling” about further Federal government intrusion.  It seems like one more step by the feds into our local classrooms.  I think the classroom is only large enough for the teacher and the students.   Occasional visits by Mom and Dad are justified but uncles, i.e. Uncle Sam, should remain outside.

The author(s) did a good job explaining the concept of Common Core.  They did a good job explaining why there are so many detractors of the plan.  Namely the unpublicized conception of the program at the national governor’s conference and the clandestine manner it was presented to the state legislators.  It was as though our leaders considered public opinion was unimportant and only after the tea party groups exposed the plan’s existence was there public awareness and concern.

I can add credence to the reason for the apprehension and resistance felt by many toward this seemingly good and progressive new teaching method.  With 5 years now under the Obama Administration people are leery, weary, and suspicious about anything forced upon them.  The $500 million federal grant to support Common Core implementation in Tennessee only adds to the suspicion.

I attended the Tipton County School Board meeting a few weeks ago and listened to a very good case against Common Core delivered eloquently by a knowledgeable lady who challenged the board to hear what the teachers truly though about Common Core.  She suggested they invite the teachers to respond anonymously to a written survey or questionnaire, if you will, to that end.  I do not know if that has been done but I hope to see the School Board take on that challenge.

Is this a case of the “camel’s nose under the tent,” or more literally, “Uncle Sam’s foot in the door of the classroom”? Will the simple tweaking of math and arts evolve into re-writing history and civics and/or restructuring social studies?  Consider the $500,000,000 or so given to each of the 50 states and you see the vested interest the federal government has for the success of Common Core.

Fear manifested by mistrust of the Obama Administration is the driving force against Common Core.  Awareness of the tyrannical and oligarchic tendencies of this regime have people anxious about any changes at this time.  The knowledge by many that we have 3 more years to deal with threats of executive orders by a dictatorial president creates a community of reluctance.  Within this “community of reluctance” is a corps of parents who share a common goal - to protect their children from a mischievous  government’s ill-conceived agenda.  You might say, these parents have formed a “common corps” to oppose Common Core!  This common corps needs absolute assurance there are no federal control strings attached to Common Core  I predict that assurance will not exist for at least three more years.


Bill Wallace


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Members Opinions:
March 05, 2014 at 9:38pm
Letter to the Editor
In the article about Common Core by Bill Wallace it is very apparent that the editor of the Covington Leader either enjoy publishing his letters or don't have anything better to publish. At the beginning of his letter he states "I have tried to reserve my opinion about Common Core because I didn’t know enough to have a solid stand one way or the other". Needless to say, he went on to write a 500 plus word assay. Further and as always, he was able to find a way to blame President Obama.

Ray Albritton
Carmel, IN
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