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The following persons were booked into the Tipton County Correctional Facility Dec. 22-28, 2013.

Alana, Cory James, 20, theft under $10,000, Dec. 28, TCSO

Anderson, Amanda Sherie, 25, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, disregard stop sign, open container, seat belt law; Dec. 27, TCSO

Anderson, Danesha Reneee, 29, domestic assault, Dec. 25, MPD

Austin, James Thomas, 41, DUI first offense, consent law, open container, seat belt law, improper tag display; Dec. 28, TCSO

Beaty, James Gary, 23, unlawful weapon, light law; Dec. 23, TCSO

Burk, Nina Marielouise, 27, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, failure to yield, no insurance; Dec. 26, THP

Burrell, Eugene, 23, agg. assault, Dec. 23, CPD

Byrd, Willie Leonies, 37, domestic assault, Dec. 25, MPD

Campbell, Rodney Brian, 44, DUI second offense, due care; Dec. 28, CPD

Carter, Sonyercia Lavette, 35, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, light law; Dec. 22, TCSO

Chorley, Lawrence Gartin, 54, agg. assault no injury, Dec. 24, TCSO

Churchill, Danny Michael, 23, agg. criminal trespassing, agg. assault no injury; Dec. 24, MUPD

Claybon, Gloria Dean, 32, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest; Dec. 27, CPD

Conrad, James Ronald, 63, DUI first offense, Dec. 27, TCSO

Creasy, Kaleb Logan, 22, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, light law, no insurance; Dec. 26, TCSO

Degrazia, Marcus Allen, 23, poss. controlled substance, Dec. 22, APD

Evans, Twianna Lashelle, 36, disorderly conduct, Dec. 28, CPD

Harden, Tyray, 38, domestic assault, Dec. 25, TCSO

Holland, Terry Wayne, 43, sch. II drug violation, Dec. 28, TCSO

Hutchens, Justin Kyle, 18, poss. marijuana with intent, poss. drug para., tampering with evidence, failure to change DL address; Dec. 26, TCSO

Kilpatrick, Jeremy Marcel, 22, assault, Dec. 22, TCSO

Kinney, Ashley Michelle, 29, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, Dec. 22, APD

Kothe, Tyler Joseph, 18, disorderly conduct, Dec. 27, TCSO

Looney, Michael Joseph, 29, driving on rev./canc./susp. licene, disregard stop sign; Dec. 28, APD

Mason, Connie Lynn, 57, domestic assault, Dec. 28, CPD

McBride, Reco Antjuan, 34, failure to pay child support, Dec. 28, TCSO

Mitchell, Christine Sierra, 21, domestic assault, Dec. 28, TCSO

Patterson, Justin Allen, 24, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, Dec. 23, CPD

Poindexter, Eddie Lee, 34, domestic assault, Dec. 24, CPD

Pope, Jason Dawaine, 40, failure to pay child support, Dec. 26, TCSO

Robinson, Kamishia Danielle, 27, driving on rev./canc./susp. license x 2, Dec. 27, TCSO

Sims, Karen Jeanne, 51, public intoxication, Dec. 26, TCSO

Smith, Clifton Darren, 36, kidnapping, child endangerment, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, reckless driving; Dec. 26, TCSO

Sutherland, Christopher Randel, 22, domestic assault, assault, resisting, failure to report change of address; Dec. 25, TCSO

Taylor, Donald Wayne, 20, agg. assault no injury, Dec. 28, CPD

Volner, Dixie Charlene, 19, DUI first offense, failure to maintain control, consent law, underage alcohol possession; Dec. 23, MUPD

Walker, Charles Austin, 19, simple poss. marijuana, Dec. 23, TCSO

Waters, Aaron Raymond, 27, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, reg. law, disregarding traffic orders; Dec. 26, CPD

Wherry, Maurice Durrell, 27, drivingn on rev./canc./susp. license, failure to dim lights; Dec. 27, TCSO

White, Timothy Allen, 46, statutory rape aggravated, Dec. 24, TCSO

Williams, Henry Alexanderr, 30, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, violation seat belt law; Dec. 27, TCSO


The following persons were booked into the Tipton County Correctional Facility Dec.1-7, 2013.

Alana, Cory James, 20, agg. burglary, poss. sch. VI, intro contraband to jail; Dec. 3, TCSO

Bourque, Briana Ashley, 38, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, Dec. 4, TCSO

Carruthers, Jalessa Anea, 24, dometic assault, Dec. 1, CPD

Centeno, Juaqin Gomez, 24, poss. drug para., Dec. 2, TCSO

Cockrell, Alex Timothy, 21, DUI first offense, contributing to a minor; Dec. 5, THP

Currie, Nathan O’Neal, 21, criminal trespass, Dec. 5, CPD

Dunlap, Brandon Lee, 24, felony failure to appear, DUI second offense; Dec. 4, TCSO

Eaton, Ernie Lynnwood, 53, public intoxication, Dec. 6, TCSO

Elkins, Donnell Antwan, 31, poss. drug para., Dec. 3, CPD

Exum, Timothy Lacole, 25, poss. sch. IV, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, no insurance, left of center of road, open container; Dec. 4, TCSO

Fleming, Dawun, 42, habiutal motor vehicle offender, Dec. 3, TCSO

Flowers, Brandon Terrell, 30, agg. assault with injury, Dec. 1, CPD

Floyd, Kimmie Kolaquila, 41, poss. controlled substance, assault, worthless check; Dec. 7, CPD

Fultz, Alice Virginia, 61, domestic assault, Dec. 3, TCSO

Gatlin, Cody Shay, 23, agg. assault x 2, felony evading arrest, poss. drug para., reckless driving, disregard stop sign; Dec. 4, TCSO

Gaytan, Michelle, 38, theft, Dec. 4, TCSO

Gillia, Kristin Nichole, 18, theft merchandise $500 or less, Dec. 3, TCSO

Gillihand, Vickie Lynn, 56, poss. controlled substance, Dec. 4, BPD

Glass, Antonio Sauntrell, 33, domestic assault  2, interference with emergency calls, evading arrest; Dec. 4, CPD

Greathouse, Paula Alexander, 30, delivery of cocaine, Dec. 4, APD

Grooms, Joshua Shane, 35, domestic assault, Dec. 4, TCSO

Hardee, David Lee, 19, poss. sch. II, underage consumption of alcohol; Dec. 16, BPD

Hardway, Jacob Silas, 34, theft, Dec. 4, TCSO

Heaston, Mosha Lanise, 27, fradulent use of credit card over $500, Dec. 4, CPD

Honaker, Shane Henry, 18, DUI first offense, reckless driving, no insurance, due care, leaving accident scene; Dec. 5, THP

Howard, Billy Ray, 18, shoplifting, Dec. 6, TCSO

Johnson, Cecile Vivian, 57, resisting, Dec. 2, TCSO

Jones, Whitney Nicole, 18, shoplifting, Dec. 6, TCSO

Kahler, Matthew Hunter, 19, domestic assault, Dec. 3, MUPD

Lee, Johnny Neal, 50, poss. drug para., Dec. 3, CPD

Mathews, David, 69, poss. sch. III, Dec. 4, TCSO

McCulley, William Travis, 48, warrantless arrest, Dec. 1, TCSO

Medina, Karla Eunice, 37, warrantless arrest, Dec. 1, TCSO

Palmertree, Shawn Anthony, 33, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, left of center driving, no insurance; Dec. 1, TCSO

Park, Anita Marie, 23, poss. marijuana with intent to sell, poss. drug para.; Dec. 7, TCSO

Reynolds, Steven Shane, 41, criminal impresonation, driving without DL, light law, unregistered vehicle, driving on rev./susp./rev. license; Dec. 3, TCSO

Russell, Marquez Dewayne, 19, bumper law, viol. order of protection; Dec. 1, TCSO

Rylant, Donnie Eugene, 54, agg. assault no injury, reckless endagerment; Dec. 6, TCSO

Sanders, Kasey Leann, 19, shoplifting, Dec. 6, TCSO

Scarborough, Morgan Deanne, 19, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, speeding; Dec. 4, TCSO

Smith, Timothy Dewayne, 45, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, window tint laws; Dec. 2, TCSO

Spence, Heather Renee, 34, poss. drug para., criminal trespass, prostitution; Dec. 5, CPD

Spencer, Shelly Marie, 41, filing false or bomb threat, Dec. 3, TCSO

Starnes, Brian Andrew, 22, agg. assault with injury, domestic assault; Dec. 1, TCSO

Todd, Ashley Nicole, 21, poss. controlled substance, simple poss. marijuana; Dec. 1, TCSO

Wakefield, Michael Wayne, 49, disorderly conduct, Dec. 7, CPD

Williams, Tracey Michelle, 42, disorderly conduct, public intoxication; Dec. 2, CPD

Williamson, Edison Eddie, 39, driving on rev./canc./susp. license, theft; Dec. 2, THP

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